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A collection of tasty and nutritious recipes

Here is a collection of watercress related recipes.

For more watercress recipes, please send us a 6" x 9" stamped addressed envelope and we will send you a copy of 'New Directions in Watercress' the Watercress Association cook book.

Cream of Watercress Soup - Recipe
A delicious cream of watercress soup which is also low in fat (suitable for vegetarians)
Recipe kindly supplied by Collin Milne
Salmon in watercress cream sauce - Recipe
This recipe was kindly supplied by Melvyn Cooper

If you would like to submit a recipe for inclusion then simply send via email to our address.

Watercress and fruit smoothie - Recipe
If you like eating fruit - but especially if you dont - then this is for you.
Golden Chicken and Watercress Bake - Recipe
Children's favourite
The Ultimate Watercress Sandwich - Recipe
This is the one!
Watercress and Avocado Salsa - Recipe
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Stilton and Watercress Spread - Recipe
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Indonesian Watercress Soup - Recipe
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Watercress Brushetta - Recipe
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Watercress wraps - Recipe
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Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix - Recipe
Make your own Italian Dressing for the Watercress Wraps recipe.
Watercress & mandarin orange salad - Recipe
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Oriental Seafood Soup - Recipe
With watercress and fresh ginger
Watercress French Toast - Recipe
with Goat’s Cheese
Watercress Pizza - Recipe
With Ricotta, Plum tomatoes and Fresh basil
Chargrilled vegetables - Recipe
With Watercress and Crispy Bacon
Citrus Salad - Recipe
With watercress and apple
Avocado Salad - Recipe
With Watercress and Warm Bacon
Pepper Leaf Salad - Recipe
With Roasted Peppers and Chili Oil Dressing
Salmon Fillets - Recipe
With a Watercress and Crème Fraiche Sauce
Watercress and Prawn Roulade - Recipe
With Mascarpone Cheese
Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes - Recipe
With Watercress
Tuna and Watercress Quiche - Recipe
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Souffle Baked potatoes - Recipe
With Parmesan Cheese and Watercress
Pheasant Filo Pie - Recipe
With Watercress and Cranberries
Chilli Chicken & Watercress Salsa - Recipe
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Tagiatelle - Recipe
With Walnut and Watercress Pesto
Cheese and Watercress Scones - Recipe
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Stilton and Walnut Crumpets - Recipe
With Watercress and Celery Salad
Quick Watercress Mayonnaise - Recipe
Delicious, quick and easy. Ideal with cold salmon, seafood, asparagus, or served as a dip
Quick Watercress Salad - Recipe
Quick and simple to make, this has to be one of the tastiest salads you will ever eat. It has a wonderful tangy flavor that brings out the peppery freshness of watercress. The dressing can be used with any number of salad ingredients, but goes especially
Swordfish with a Watercress Crust - Recipe
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Shrimp and Lobster Salad - Recipe
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Smoked Salmon Ribbon Sandwiches - Recipe
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